Awarded jobs

On 22nd March 2022, the Standard Package Division of Mayekawa Italia has awarded a job for a biogas upgrading with an Italian system integrator. The supply is based on no 2. Biogas compressor compound units (2520SSC) each one complete with sound proofing container and control panel with PLC, power supply and VFD.

Our units are inserted in biogas purification treatment (up-grading). In this system it is possible to separate the methane and the carbon dioxide. The pre-treated Biogas, total flow rate around 3000 Nmc/hr, is compressed by our compound screw compressors, before entering in a system for selective absorption of CO2 by back washing with an aqueous solution of Potassium Carbonate.

Each compressor package handled 1500 Nmc/h of biogas from 1 – 10 bar A. the units are suitable for hazardous area installation and according to PED and ATEX codes.

The units will be designed in Italy. The delivery is scheduled for January 2023 and will be installed in Central Italy.